Teacher of the Year 2023

Heather Mondel

Mrs. Mondel is an exemplary educator who nurtures and pours into our youngest learners. Mrs. Mondel is always one of the first to arrive in the morning and only leaves once her classroom is organized and prepared for the next day. Beyond her punctuality and dedication, she is one of the most inviting and kind individuals we have at West End. She always welcomes new staff like they are family, never misses an opportunity to ask others how they are doing, and always offers a helping hand in any way she can. Not only is her character top-notch, but she is a top-notch educator. Mrs. Mondel builds on the earliest learners' academic, social, and emotional skills. Beyond the classroom and students, Mrs. Mondel helps build our school's sense of community. She is always the first to make an effort to organize baby showers, wedding showers, retirement parties, and any other form of recognition for all staff in the school. Whether Mrs. Mondel knows the person well or not, she ensures they feel recognized and welcomed.  Mrs. Mondel is also very invested and involved in the Woodbury community. Whether she is attending BOO at the Woo or a community event, Mrs. Mondel ensures that her students know that she cares about each of them in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Mondel is also one of the most active members of our PTO committee and at all our PTO events. Very few teachers are as involved and dedicated, year in and year out, as Mrs. Mondel.  West End is lucky to have such an outstanding educator! Congratulations, Mrs. Mondel!

Teacher of the Year 2022

Regina Stahl

West End Memorial is proud to announce Ms. Regina Stahl as its 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year. It is especially comforting to have a teacher who is knowledgeable, sensitive to needs, and willing to go above and beyond to support her students and their families as they navigate specialized program services. Ms. Stahl has built a special relationship with each one of her students as well as empowered her support staff to function as an integral part of the learning experience in her room. Her classroom is a safe space to learn, grow, and take risks. Regina continues to seek out professional development and is so dedicated that often times her leaders have to tell her to “go home” at the end of the day.  Woodbury School District’s Special Services department and West End Elementary are fortunate to have her as an educator for our scholars. The quote on her door embodies the person and teacher she is for her students: “Reach for the moon because even if you miss you’ll be amongst the stars.” Congratulations Ms. Stahl!


Teacher of The Year 2021

Hailey Rebyak 

West End Memorial is proud to announce Ms. Hailey Rebyak as its 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year. 

In a short time, Ms. Hailey Rebyak has stamped a positive impression on the West End community.  Hailey cares about students' needs in and outside of the classroom. I often see her stopping to check in with students throughout the hallways just to build on their relationships/rapport.  She creates a safe and warm classroom environment where her students are confident to find success even if it is through their mistakes.  In addition, students are engaged in collaborative, hands on activities everyday.  She is skilled at delivering grade-level content so that it is rigorous, yet scaffolded to meet the level of all students in her classroom.  She also collaborates with her colleagues to improve instruction for her students.  In the school community, Hailey consistently attends PTA sponsored events and school functions. Hailey goes above and beyond, often anonymously, to help students in many ways and always shows integrity. It is clear that she loves what she does and cares about her students.

It is truly a pleasure to have Ms. Hailey Rebyak with us at West End.  Congratulations!

-- Kathryn Agresta, principal

Teacher of The Year 2020

Stephanie DiBartolo

West End Memorial is proud to announce Mrs. Stephanie DiBartolo as its 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year. 

Mrs. Stephanie DiBartolo is a dedicated school counselor who, despite splitting her time between two elementary schools, provides comprehensive supportive services to all of her students.  She is a crucial part of the West End family because the list of things she does for the staff students and families are endless.  For the students she provideds individual and group counseling, does AVID lessons, organizes Week of Respect, Red Ribbon Week, No Name Calling Week, National School Counseling Week, Random Acts of Kindness Week and facilitates GALS.  In addition to these responsibilities she organizes 504 and I&RS meetings, is the DCP&P liaison, organizes holiday donations and helps parents find links to outside community resources.  West End Memorial is a better place because of Mrs. DiBartolo's influence.  

It is truly a pleasure to have Mrs. DiBartolo with us at West End.  Congratulations!

-- Kathryn Agresta, principal



Teacher of The Year 2019

Joanne Parker              

West End Memorial is proud to announce Mrs. Joanne Parker as its 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year.

Mrs. Joanne Parker is an ESL teacher at West End Memorial School.  She is an exceptional teacher, advocate, leader and colleague who is always willing to help better the students and community of Woodbury as a whole. Mrs. Parker has been teaching within the Woodbury City School District for four years and in those short four years, has made a lasting impression on the students, staff and families of Woodbury.  She is innovative in her instruction as she helps students gain a better grasp of the English language, while making learning fun and exciting.  She is an advocate for all students.  She often helps with translating for staff and families to strengthen our relationships within the community; particularly with our families where English is not their primary language. Mrs. Parker is well respected among the staff, administration and community of Woodbury.  We are inspired by her optimism, creativity, work ethic and general self-less manner.

It is truly a pleasure to have Mrs. Parker with us at West End.  Congratulations!

-- Kathryn Agresta, principal


Teacher of The Year 2018

Tara Casalunovo               

West End Memorial is proud to announce Mrs. Caslunovo as its 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year.

Mrs. Casalunovo is a fourth grade teacher at West End who has had a tremendous impact not only on her students, but throughout West End.  She is a leader in the building while designing lessons which are tailored to student interests.  This year she has taken a leadership role by implementing Flip Grid in her classroom.  This is has spread throughout the building.  She utilizes technology with the utmost importance to help students learn, grow and understand at their individual levels. Her students are always eager to show off their latest accomplishments.


It is truly a pleasure to have Mrs. Casalunovo with us at West End.  Congratulations!

-- Vincent Myers, principal


Teacher of The Year 2017

Jaime Jess

West End Memorial is proud to announce Mrs. Jess as its 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year.

Mrs. Jess is a third grade teacher at West End who works tirelessly to support all learners. She collaborates with her grade level peers to implement new lessons and ideas in her classroom and in third grade. She works closely with support staff in the building to plan lessons and meet the individual needs of her learners. With a heavy focus on technology in the classroom and the ability to teach to student needs, Mrs. Jess finds great success growing independent learners.

It is truly a pleasure to have Mrs. Jess with us at West End.  Congratulations!
-- Vincent Myers, principal

Jaime Jess Photo

Teacher of The Year 2016

Helen Gorham

West End Memorial is proud to announce Mrs. Gorham as its 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year.

As a teacher of kindergarten students, Mrs. Gorham works hard to provide numerous opportunities to build “learning stamina” in the classroom.  She provides hands-on experiences so that her young learners can gain exposure to new concepts across the curriculum. She is often collaborating with her grade level peers as well as colleagues in the building so that she can continue to provide an outstanding program to her students. Students continue to be challenged to extend their thinking while being taught by Mrs. Gorham. In addition to her daily responsibilities, Mrs. Gorham coordinates Valentines for Veterans, a program where the entire school community gives thanks to our Veterans during the month of February.  Each year, this program is equally appreciated by our staff and students as well as the veterans who receive the letters of appreciation.

It is truly a pleasure to have Mrs. Gorham with us at West End. Congratulations!
-- Vincent Myers, principal

Helen Gorham photo

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