District Digital Story Telling

Evergreen Elementary

Walnut Elementary

West End Elementary

Mrs. Gray's Veteran's Day
Ms. Ferrer's Memorial Day

Mrs. Gray's Black History Biographies 

Mrs. Gray's Black Biographies (Swanson)

Ms. Greer's Pre-K Class

Ms. Fortunato's Pre-K Class
Mrs. Denny's Library Day
Ms. Ferrer's Pre-K Class

Ms. Douress's Pre-K Class
Mrs. Young 4th Grade


Mrs. Jones Veteran's Day
Mrs. Jones Memorial Day
Ms. Trimnell Earth Day
Mrs. Jones Malala Lesson
Ms. Trimnell Read Aloud Pre-K 

Ms. Booth 2nd Grade Class 
Mrs Runzer 1st Grade
Ms. Flanagan's Veteran's Day
Mrs. Mondel - Father's Day Video

Ms Gantt Gantt's - Fav Memory

Mrs Lake Class - Fav Memory

Ms Abdalla's Class - Fav Memory
Ms. Baskinger's Memorial Day

Ms. Arnold's Memorial Day
Mrs. Lake Mother's Day
Mrs. Mondel Mother's Day
Mrs. Brown's Class Poetry
Mr. Kellum's State Research Project
Earth Day Mrs. Mondel Class
Earth Day Ms. Goodman (Leader)
Ms. Leader Pre-K Read Aloud

Ms. Stahl's Class Coretta Scott King
Ms. Arnold's Pre-K Class
Ms. DiCaprio's Pre-K Class
Ms. Flanagan's 2nd Grade Women History


Woodbury Jr Sr High
Mrs. James & Mrs. Sheldon's Veteran's Day 
Ms. Pringle's Class Women's History


Previous School Years

Ms. Douress Pre-K
Mrs. Giles Pre-K Mother's Day
Ms. Young's 4th Grade Poetry
Mrs. Gray's Honor Black History Month
STEM Animal Research
Ms. Douress's Pre-K How to Show Kindness
Mrs. Dougherty's Class Honoring Veterans Day


Teacher Librarian Collaboration

Ms. Daly's Wax Musuem
Mrs. Spitall's Pre-K
Honoring Veteran's Day Ms. Hill's 2nd Grade
Ms. Hill's Creative Writing
Ms. Spittal's Cat in the Hat
Ms. Spittal's Tall Black Hat
Ms. Hill's Our Favorite Characters
Mrs. Richman's Kindergarten
Mrs. Spittal's Facts About Penguins
Mrs. Runzer's Animal of India
Walnut Pre-K's The Gingerbread Man

Ms. McGovern;s Black History Month 
Graphic Novel Museum
Ms. Pringle End of Year
Ms. F;anagan 2nd Grade
Mrs. Mondel's Pre-K
Mrs. Maxymuk Pre-K
Mrs. Gazolla's Poets
Ms. Moody's Book Store
Ms. Pringle's Class
Mrs. Maxymuk Pre-K
Ms. Phillip's Veteran's Day
Mrs. Brewer's Veteran's Day
Mrs. Brewer's Mother's Day
Mrs. Maxymuk Pre-K
Mrs. Stanek's Veteran's
Mrs. Brewer's 1st Grade
Mrs. Jess's 3rd Grade
West End Pre-K Police Academy
Mrs. Stanek's I Have a Dream
Mrs. Maxymuk's Pre-K
Ms. Baskinger K

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