Student/Parent Chromebook Troubleshooting FAQs

**The first troubleshooting step is to completely shut down the chromebook (no lights on), then turn it back on and wait at the login screen for about 2min. This will allow the chromebook to sync our school policies that may solve one of the below issues** 

Please review the items below, if none of them help with your issue please email [email protected] include your name, the students name, the ID numbers from the Chromebook and a description of the problem.  Please be patient as we have a high volume of support tickets. You can also reach out to the main offices if needed and they will coordinate with us.

Replies to submitted tickets will come from "Woodbury City Public Schools Student/Parent Technology Help Line" under the email address "s[email protected]"

Chromebook not turning on, even when you know it's charged? Try this:

Login issues:

Figure 1

Figure 2

  • If you are seeing this screen (see Figure 1 above) and do not have a badge (QR code), use the option in blue lettering on the left side “Sign In With A Different Account” — do not click the blue Next button on the right side.
  • If you are getting the message in Figure 2, click try again and click the link circled in green in Figure 1 instead of the next button.
  • Make sure “” is on the login screen. If it is not, you need to add it to the end of your student’s username.

Student Password:

Student password are located on the Parent portal, they should be right at the top of the screen when you first login.  District Personnel can also provide the password if needed.

Blocked YouTube video issues:
Make sure you’re logged into youtube: this only requires clicking the SIGN IN button on, when the student is already logged into a school chromebook.

Hotspot Issues:
Hotspot says “No Service”.

  • Restart the Hotspot (hold the power button down until it powers off, wait several seconds, hold the power button until it powers back on)

How do I check the wireless password on the hotspot

  • If you have a hotspot number 1-104 - From the main screen Push the button 3 times.
  • If you have a hotspot number greater than 105 - push the power button to turn on the screen then touch the "Wi-Fi Name/Password" option (touchscreen).

Zoom Issues:

The chrome app version of Zoom has been rolled out to all students on all chromebook models. This should be pinned to the app bar like so 

If it is NOT, then click on the Launcher in the bottom left corner to search for the Zoom app

Microphone Issues:

A full walkthrough of how to troubleshoot your microphone can be found here 

Wireless connectivity

  • If you can not connect to wifi and there is no big blue/yellow Woodbury "W" in the background of the login screen (see image below - figure 3), contact tech support (email at the top of this document) with your chromebook number and details of the problem for troubleshooting.  Or you can try going to the Board Office Parking lot, behind the High School (stay outside but close to the building).  It should connect to the Schools wifi and allow it to get an update that is missing, the Woodbury "W" wallpaper should show up within a couple minutes if this worked.

Figure 3

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