Junior-Senior High School Faculty/Staff

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Charlene Aboyme

Math Teacher

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Richard Abram

Academic Coach

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Estefanny Aguirre

Family Liaison

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Photo of Acquanetta Allen

Acquanetta Allen

Junior HS School Monitor

Kristen Anderson

6th grade Teacher

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Photo of Melody Arno

Melody Arno

Athletic Trainer

Melody Arno, ATC received her athletic training degree at Rowan University in Glassboro...

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Andrew Bell


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Thilana Bennett

Senior HS Special Education

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Photo of Marcus Berg

Marcus Berg

Junior HS Mathematics

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Tara Berg

Sr High Main Office Secretary

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Thomas Blaho

Senior High English

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Maria Blando

Secretary to the Director of Pupil Personnel

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Perri Brenner-Silverstein

Junior High Math Teacher

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Brianna Broadway

Teacher of Health and Physical Education

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Photo of Cynthia Cammarota

Cynthia Cammarota

Junior HS Literacy

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  • sites.google.com/woodburycityschools.us/cammarota/home (opens in new window)

Jessica Campbell

HS Chemistry Teacher

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Photo of Marc Cannuli

Marc Cannuli

Senior High School Special Education Social Studies

Year Started 1999 Degrees BA History Alfred University;MA Special Education Rowan ...

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Photo of Hakim Chandler

Hakim Chandler

English Teacher

Year Started 2006 Degrees BA Teacher of the Handicapped;MA Educational Leadership ...

  • Email Hakim Chandler
Photo of Cynthia Cheyney

Cynthia Cheyney

Senior HS Technology

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Photo of Marissa Cleminson

Marissa Cleminson

Jr/Sr High School Principal's Secretary

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Jaime Cook

HS Art Teacher

Class Website

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Photo of Kristin Corley

Kristin Corley

Resource Room & ICS Literacy Teacher

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  • sites.google.com/woodburycityschools.us/literacy-7-rc-ics/reading (opens in new window)

Sherrie Davis

Senior HS Special Education English

Degrees Delaware State University, Bachelor of Science in General and Special Educatio...

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Nicholas DiFlorio

Jr High Social Studies Teacher

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John DiMarco

Chinese Teacher

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Colleen DiRienzo

Teacher of Special Education

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Photo of Dwayne Dobbins

Dwayne Dobbins

Senior High School Assistant Principal

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Photo of Vincent Doud

Vincent Doud


Expertise Studio Art/Videography Year Started 2013-2014 Degrees BA:Studio Art ...

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  • sites.google.com/woodburycityschools.us/videoartdesign/home (opens in new window)
  • Email Kathryn Dreger
Photo of Yael Emenecker

Yael Emenecker

Junior HS Literacy

Mrs. Emenecker's Literacy Website 7th Grade Student & Parent Website

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  • sites.google.com/woodburycityschools.us/yemenecker (opens in new window)

Ronald Evans

Jr High Special Education Teacher

  • Email Ronald Evans

Glenda Ezell

Jr High Main Office Secretary

  • Email Glenda Ezell

Cynthia Fatosa

Junior HS Mathematics

  • Email Cynthia Fatosa

Caitlin Fenning

Sr High Geometry Teacher

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Photo of Robin Fisher

Robin Fisher

Student Data Coordinator

  • Email Robin Fisher
Photo of Colleen Fitzgerald

Colleen Fitzgerald

Senior HS Science

Photo of Liseidy Fontanez

Liseidy Fontanez

Junior - Senior HS Spanish

  • Email Liseidy Fontanez
Photo of Amanda Ford

Amanda Ford

Senior HS English

Year Started 2001 Degrees BA, Pure Mathematics - Rutgers University Awards NAS...

  • Email Amanda Ford
Photo of Ari Ford

Ari Ford

Junior-Senior HS Technology

  • Email Ari Ford
Photo of Gina Friedman

Gina Friedman

Art Teacher

  • Email Gina Friedman

Michelle Gaffney

School Social Worker

  • Email Michelle Gaffney

Steven Gallatig

Senior HS Social Studies: History

  • Email Steven Gallatig

Jamila Godin

Junior HS Science

  • Email Jamila Godin

Vincent Gravina

Director of Curriculum 6-12

  • Email Vincent Gravina

Kyle Grizzard

Head of SEL

  • Email Kyle Grizzard

Lauren Grizzard

High School Special Education Teacher

  • Email Lauren Grizzard

Tom Harrell

Junior High Science Teacher

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Photo of Tara Hartwyk

Tara Hartwyk

Junior - Senior HS Health and Physical Education

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Mylisa Himmons

Junior High Assistant Principal

  • Email Mylisa Himmons

Dan Howey

Director of Athletics and Activities

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Regina James

Special Education Teacher

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Photo of Joseph Jarrett

Joseph Jarrett

Senior HS School Counselor (M-Z)

  • Email Joseph Jarrett

William Jarrett

Junior/Senior PE Teacher

Photo of Sarah Johnston

Sarah Johnston

Junior-Senior High School Music - Vocal

Year Started 2015

  • Email Sarah Johnston
  • sites.google.com/woodburycityschools.us/choir/home (opens in new window)
Photo of Dan Jones

Dan Jones

SHS Mathematics

Expertise Senior High School: Mathematics Year Started 1996

  • Email Dan Jones
Photo of Albert Kilpatrick

Albert Kilpatrick

SHS Social Studies: History

Expertise Debate Team Advisor and Class of 2015 Co-Advisor

  • Email Albert Kilpatrick
Photo of Jesse Kosior

Jesse Kosior

Senior HS Science/Physics Teacher

  • Email Jesse Kosior
  • sites.google.com/woodburycityschools.us/mr-kosior/home (opens in new window)

Jeremy Landis

Junior HS Social Studies

Year Started 2002 Degrees TCNJ : Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice

  • Email Jeremy Landis
  • sites.google.com/a/woodburycityschools.us/mr-landis/ (opens in new window)

Lindsey Lecy

Inclusion Facilitator/Teacher of Special Education

  • Email Lindsey Lecy
Photo of Leslie Lockett

Leslie Lockett

Library Aide

  • Email Leslie Lockett
Photo of Megan Lucidi

Megan Lucidi

Senior HS Science

  • Email Megan Lucidi
Photo of Elizabeth Luthke

Elizabeth Luthke

Senior HS English

Expertise Advanced Placement, Writing Process Year Started 2008 Degrees B.A. E...

  • Email Elizabeth Luthke

Betsy Markman

Junior/Senior High ELL Teacher

  • Email Betsy Markman

Ivy Maye

Junior High Science Teacher

  • Email Ivy Maye

Stephanie McGuigan


  • Email Stephanie McGuigan

Brian McKillop

Junior - Senior HS Health and Physical Education

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Photo of Patricia McLister

Patricia McLister

Option II Coordinator/Service Learning Coordinator/ABS/ Alternative School Counselor

Option II Coordinator/Service Learning Coordinator/ABS/ Alternative School Counselor

  • Email Patricia McLister

Jessica Meyer

Junior/Senior High Spanish Teacher

  • Email Jessica Meyer

Kim Micale

Junior High School Counselor

  • Email Kim Micale

Mary Moody

Junior/Senior High School Librarian

  • Email Mary Moody

Kelsey Morgen

Junior High English Teacher

  • Email Kelsey Morgen

Carly Morton

Junior/Senior High Music/Band Teacher

  • Email Carly Morton

Angela Mosley

Junior High School Counselor

  • Email Angela Mosley
Photo of Vincent Myers

Vincent Myers

Director of Special Projects

  • Email Vincent Myers
Photo of Daniel O'Leary

Daniel O'Leary

Junior HS Special Education

  • Email Daniel O'Leary

Raymond Okuda

Senior High School Math Teacher

  • Email Raymond Okuda

Mario Olsen

Senior High School ISS Teacher

  • Email Mario Olsen

Keira Orr

Junior High School Literacy Teacher

  • Email Keira Orr

Kimberly Orsini

Junior High School Special Education Teacher

Photo of Thomas Overpeck

Thomas Overpeck

Senior HS: Seminar/Economics, AP World History

Hello, Please email me at toverpeck@woodburysch.comĀ or call at extension is 231...

  • Email Thomas Overpeck
  • sites.google.com/a/woodburycityschools.us/mroverpeck/ (opens in new window)

Susan Pacewic

Senior High School History Teacher

  • Email Susan Pacewic

Lynell Payne

Junior/Senior High School Teacher of Health and Physical Education

  • Email Lynell Payne

Mary Pollard

Junior High School Literacy Teacher

  • Email Mary Pollard

Kylie Pringle

Junior High School Social Studies Teacher

  • Email Kylie Pringle

Anthony Reagan

School Monitor

  • Email Anthony Reagan

Amanda Redfield

Learning Disabilities Teaching Consultant

  • Email Amanda Redfield

Stephanie Reeves

Junior - Senior HS Secretary- Attendance and Curriculum

  • Email Stephanie Reeves
Photo of Robert Richardson

Robert Richardson

JHS Mathematics

Tanya Ripley

School Psychologist

  • Email Tanya Ripley
Photo of Maria Rivera

Maria Rivera

Secretary to the Senior High School Assistant Principal

  • Email Maria Rivera
Photo of Jackie Rosario

Jackie Rosario

Senior High School Counselor

Year Started September 2006

  • Email Jackie Rosario
  • sites.google.com/woodburycityschools.us/20-21jackierosario/home (opens in new window)

Joanne Salvatore

Junior/Senior High School ESL Teacher

  • Email Joanne Salvatore

Rosanne Scipione-Fehre

Junior HS Literacy and AVID

  • Email Rosanne Scipione-Fehre

Jamiel Seebadri

Junior/Senior High School Business Teacher

  • Email Jamiel Seebadri

Jennifer Sheldon

Junior High School Special Education Teacher

  • Email Jennifer Sheldon
Photo of Christopher Sheppard

Christopher Sheppard

Junior HS Social Studies

  • Email Christopher Sheppard
  • sites.google.com/woodburycityschools.us/social-studies-6/home (opens in new window)

David Snelling

Senior HS Mathematics

Degrees Masters of Education Administration;Bachelors of Science; Mathematics Educatio...

  • Email David Snelling

Michele Sokolovic

Senior HS English

  • Email Michele Sokolovic
  • sites.google.com/woodburycityschools.us/sokolovic/home (opens in new window)
Photo of Stacey Sprouls

Stacey Sprouls

Instructional Asst

  • Email Stacey Sprouls
Photo of Teresa Stebich

Teresa Stebich

Junior - Senior HS Special Education - Mathematics

  • Email Teresa Stebich
  • tinyurl.com/Mrs-Stebich (opens in new window)

Jose Tapia

Junior/Senior High School Science Teacher

  • Email Jose Tapia

Zachary Valentine

Junior - Senior HS Health and Physical Education

  • Email Zachary Valentine

Kameela Waheed

Leader in Me Teacher

  • Email Kameela Waheed

Dawn Washington-Chase

Junior High School Special Education Teacher

  • Email Dawn Washington-Chase

Matthew Weaver

Senior High School Science Teacher

  • Email Matthew Weaver

Angela Wellman

Director, 21st Century Community Learning Center

  • Email Angela Wellman

Jamal White

Senior High School Mathematics Teacher

  • Email Jamal White

Sadeara White

Social Worker

  • Email Sadeara White

Trinna Wooster

ELA Coach

  • Email Trinna Wooster
  • sites.google.com/woodburycityschools.us/literacy-coach-6-12/home (opens in new window)

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