Teacher of the Year 2023

Jennifer McCarthy

Instances of sickness or injury inevitably bring out emotions. Children feel anxious, upset or even hurt; their parents often reflect these feelings like mirrors. Luckily for Evergreen Avenue School, Mrs. Jennifer McCarthy, the nurse and 2022-2023 Educational Support Professional of the Year, is there to triage!

Mrs. McCarthy is the epitome of calm under pressure. No medical emergency rattles her. No rush of patients diminishes her individualized attention. Mrs. McCarthy is exceedingly warm and kind to all. She not only treats the condition of concern, she also nurtures the person through attentive listening and compassion.  Her knowledge, demeanor and thoroughness make her a truly dynamic nurse.

Students love her. Parents appreciate her. Staff adore her. Mrs. McCarthy is so deserving of this recognition! Congratulations!

Teacher of the Year 2021

Ms. Dana Douress

Preschool is the first connection students and parents make with the public school system.  They often bring with them a level of nervousness and trepidation. One could not wish for a person better suited to easing this worry then Ms. Dana Douress, Evergreen Ave School’s 2021 Teacher of the Year. With a kind and calm tone, Ms. Douress smooths the transition from home to school in ways that leave only smiles. A sense of wonder is infused in all of Ms. Douress’ lessons.  Students explore, create and learn through play; they grow tremendously under her tutelage.   Her students blossom under her structure and parents begin to establish the foundation of trust in the school that is so necessary for long term success.  Evergreen is lucky to have such an outstanding educator! Congratulations Ms. Douress!

Dana Douress Teacher of the Year 2021


Teacher of the Year 2018

Ms. Caroline Polsenberg

Evergreen is proud to announce Ms. Caroline Polsenberg as our 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year.

Mrs. Polsenberg serves the students of Evergreen as a resource room teacher.  However, her impact at Evergreen extends well beyond just her classroom.  She has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty this school year and it is appreciated by the entire Evergreen school community.

Mrs. Polsenberg spends two mornings every week helping students at both Evergreen and Walnut get their days started on a calm and mindful path by leading them through a yoga session.  She also frequently pushes into classrooms during her lunch and prep to teach the students of Evergreen yoga and mindfulness strategies they can use throughout their day.  Mrs. Polsenberg’s hard work, dedication, and tireless effort has not gone unnoticed and we wanted to make sure she knows how much we love and respect her at Evergreen!

Congratulations Ms. Polsenberg!

Caroline Polsenberg Teacher of the Year 2018

Teacher of the Year 2017

Mrs. Jeanne Dixon

Mrs. Dixon has moved mountains inside of her classroom this year! She has created a climate inside of her classroom where every child feels safe, loved, celebrated and challenged. Mrs. Dixon takes great pride in delivering a high quality education to all of her students and providing them with a rich and engaging learning environment on a daily basis. Her dedication to our students, families, staff, Evergreen Avenue Elementary School and the Woodbury City Public Schools district should be commended. She is often one of the first to arrive and frequently the last one to leave the building in the evening.

Mrs. Dixon is a 32 year veteran teacher and has served every single one of those 32 years at Evergreen Avenue Elementary School. She came to Evergreen immediately out of college and has taught at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade levels. She also served as a Reading Recovery teacher for many years. She currently serves as one of our stellar 1st grade teachers.

Congratulations on a job well done Mrs. Dixon!

Jeanne Dixon Teacher of the Year 2017

Teacher of the Year 2016

Mr. Mark Grundel

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." a teacher was born. Traversing many places and light years, Mr. Grundel now resides at Evergreen Avenue School educating 5th grade students; he is also the 2015-16 Evergreen Teacher of the Year!

With an affinity for the latest educational technology, a keen sense of mathematical and scientific themes, and, of course, a deep passion for Star Wars, Mr. Grundel has excelled educating Evergreen students. He easily forges positive and productive relationships with those in his charge. He flips classroom lessons and routinely video tapes himself introducing new concepts to maximize instructional time. Creativity and engagement are hallmarks of his approach. Lunch time, before school, and after school are all fair game for him to further elucidate a teaching point or to excite students in some new adventure.

Mr. Grundel has positively affected Evergreen in many ways outside of his classroom as well.  His stewardship of school safeties and the SLAG club for many years has helped mold the character of young students. The leadership he has displayed with the school’s Dad’s Breakfast Club and the creation of a book club for teachers, has spread his positive influence into the parent and colleague realm.

Truly, the force is strong with this one!  Congratulations to Mr. Grundel!

Teacher of the Year 2016 Mr. Mark Grundel

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